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The proposed route is a comfortable loop that starts and ends in the same place - at the Borówek open-air museum in the village of Borówek near Prusice. It is an easily accessible place - you can get there comfortably from the S5 or by train (from Wrocław or Poznań directions). At the open-air museum there is a place to park the car, have a rest before or after going into the field. There is a place for a bonfire, toilets, a children's playground and covered shelters. What's more, there is an active residents' association in the village (the Blueberry Association), which organises rallies and cycle tours with refreshments, and 3 members are certified as qualified tourism instructors.

The proposed route leads through the most interesting areas of the municipalities of Prusice, Oborniki Śląskie and even enters Brzeg Dolny, runs along various sections of public roads with low traffic intensity, forest roads, bicycle paths, among others along the Odra River. Apart from entering Brzeg Dolny, it avoids larger towns, leading through forests or little-known villages that have their architectural pearls and interesting events.

We encourage you to navigate with a navigation system, as the route consists of various trails and is not uniformly marked in the field.

The proposal for the tour was created as part of the cooperation of the Cyclist Friendly Places during the Cooperation Exchange organised by the Lower Silesian Cycling Land thanks to a grant received from the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.



Borówek - Borów - Górowo - Bagno - Radecz - Brzeg Dolny - Wały - Uraz - Niziny - Rościsławice - Wielka Lipa - Osolin - Brzeźno 


Route through the woods between Bagno and Rościsławice


Górowo near Prusice | ruins of a beautiful palace built around 1800 and rebuilt around 1871 in Neo-Baroque style (2 wings were added at that time); unfortunately, the palace has been falling into ruin since the post-war period; apart from the palace in Górowo, there is a historic vicarage building and a pleasantly developed village centre with boards describing the history of Górowo (German: Konradswaldau);

A fortress from the 13th/14th century near Bagno; the rampart and moat surrounding it are still visible. A massive stone bridge from 1915 leads to the fortress area. On top of the fortress is a massive sandstone cross from 1920 with the post-German inscription "Everything comes from God, happiness and misfortune, life and death". On the castle grounds is the grave of Günther Kissling, who owned the castle in Bagno, which today houses the Salvatorian Theological Seminary.

The Baroque palace in Bagno once belonged to the wealthy Kissling family. The Baroque mansion in Bagno was built between 1720 and 1734 by the von Seherr-Thoss family. Between 1907 and 1914, Georg Konrad Rudolf Kissling extended the palace with a neo-Baroque wing. The palace is surrounded by a landscaped park dating back to the 18th century. The chateau has been beautifully restored. It now houses the Salvatorian Theological Seminary, which can be visited (you can go inside by appointment). The grounds of the palace park are open to visitors during the day (you can safely enter by bicycle).

The palace in Brzeg Dolny, with its original wooden stables. The palace now houses the municipal office. Before the war, the palace looked completely different; it was a grand baroque residence extended on the order of the former Silesian minister, Count Karl Georg von Hoym, by the famous Silesian architect Carl Gotthard Langhans. A palace annex was built next to it, which has retained its classicist style to the present day. Near the palace there was a brewery and a prosperous manor farm belonging to the town's owners. To the north of the palace, an extensive English-style park with exotic trees was established. The park was decorated with recreational buildings also designed by Langhans, a swimming pool, a tea house and a forester's lodge. In 1945, the palace burnt down. The monument was rebuilt between 1950 and 1952 in a simplified form, referring to the classicist appearance of the building before the 1849 reconstruction. The palace is located on the banks of the Oder River. On the garden side, there is a magnificent terrace with stone sculptures; the garden is covered almost exclusively with aromatic sage, attracting insects.

A huge railway bridge from the 19th century, rebuilt after the war, connecting the two distant banks of Księginice and Brzeg Dolny. There are old bunkers under the spans.

Dam and hydroelectric power station on the Oder River in Wały Śląskie.

The harbour town of Uraz where they serve exceptionally tasty fish, a canoe and sailing marina.

The open-air museum of agricultural machinery in Borówek | A CYCLIST FRIENDLY PLACE (where we start and finish the tour).


Kissling Palace, now the Higher Theological Seminary in Bagno.

WHERE CAN I EAT on the route or nearby?

  • Uraz Harbour (Port Uraz) in Uraz at the Oder River
  • Restaurant in the Brzeźno Palace, in Brzeźno
  • Organised groups can arrange to have refreshments prepared by the Borówek Association (tel. +48 663 756 819)




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Technical details of the route

Type of surface: Mixed (e.g. asphalt, dirt road, forest road) Level of difficulty: average Recommended type of bike: trekking/cross country / MTB Standard of the route: cmixed: route leading along several routes Character of the route: loop Type of marking : mixed (multiple routes)


Trzebnickie Hills, Central Oder Valley


Oborniki Śląskie, Prusice, Brzeg Dolny


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