Wasosz commune

Wasosz commune

The Wąsosz commune is located in the north of Lower Silesia on the border with the Greater Poland voivodship. It neighbours with the Greater Poland municipalities of Bojanowo and Rawicz and the Lower Silesian municipalities of Żmigród, Góra, Jemielno and Wińsko. The commune of Wąsosz together with the communes of: Gora, Jemielno and Niechlów belong administratively to Górowski County. Among the closest larger urban centres to Wąsosz are Rawicz, Góra, Wołów, Leszno, Lubin and Wrocław, the capital of Lower Silesia, located approximately 80 km away.

The area of the commune is traversed by a wide valley of the Barycz River: its tributaries the Orla and the Łacha. The highest point is to the south-west of the village of Rudna Mała (157 m above sea level).

The town of Wąsosz itself is located in the forks of the Barycz and Orla rivers. Its historic buildings extend over an area of approximately 450 m, between the two rivers. Further post-war development of the town took place north of the historic centre, on the other side of the River Orla. The name of the town has its roots in the Old Polish word "wąsosze", meaning a place of coming together, joining together; in this case, the two converging rivers: the Barycz and Orla.

The area of the municipality of Wąsosz is rich in forest complexes of varied habitat types, often with old hardwood stands, which are very attractive to tourists. Extensive wetland areas with large forest complexes are a dream location for birds.

Valuable and noteworthy tourist attractions of the commune include parks located among buildings in the following villages: the castle park in Wąsosz, manor parks in Cieszkowice, Czeladz Wielka, Wiklina, Wrząca Wielka, Lechitowo and the palace park in Górka Wąsoska.

Alleys of historic character have their important place in the commune's landscape: in Wąsosz an alley on Kolejowa Street with lime trees, maples and ash trees, in Bełcz Mały a road from the manor house to the main road from Wąsosz consisting of robinias, pseudo-acacacacias, a road from Czeladz Wielka to Baranowice with 130-year-old robinias with poplars.

Wąsosz is the least visited municipality by cyclists, although it has excellent conditions: extensive desolate forest areas, little car traffic on municipal roads, beautiful landscapes characteristic for river valleys, undulating relief. The downside is the practical lack of tourist services, which is undoubtedly both a cause and effect of the low tourist interest in the area. And it is simply beautiful, quiet and almost wild here. There are not many places like this on the map of Lower Silesia anymore.

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